Property Management Services in Moraga

Whether you’re acquiring a new investment property or seeking professional management for your current portfolio, we can help you navigate the process. At Stokley Properties, you won’t have to worry about details like advertising vacancies, screening applicants, and collecting rent. Our team is prepared to maintain your home, protect its value, and help you and your tenants enjoy a positive rental experience. Your best chance of success is with an experienced management team that invests in technology and keeps up with the new and evolving California rental laws. 

Our expertise helps new and experienced investors. Whether you have a single-family home or a collection of multi-family units, talk to us about your investment goals and how we can help you reach them.

Professional Property Management Services in Moraga

Moraga Rental Property Leasing & Advertising

Our marketing plans are strategic, and we know that when it comes to leasing your property, online advertising is the most effective way to reach qualified renters. We use our own website as well as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). We also launch your listing across hundreds of the most popular rental websites available online. Prospective tenants see pictures, take video tours, and read descriptions designed to bring them to your home for a showing.  

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We are responsive and available. We talk to prospective applicants and answer calls, messages, and questions. We complete some pre-screening and schedule showings. Then, we manage the application and screening process. 

Leasing homes in Moraga, including neighborhoods like Corliss, Carroll Ranch, Rheem Valley, and Miramonte Gardens.

Screening Tenants & Managing Moraga Rental Homes

We usually have a large pool of applicants interested in the properties we list and market. This requires a robust and consistent screening process, which we have expertly developed over our years of managing homes. We’re thorough, intentional, and consistent. We’re also careful to comply with all state, local, and federal fair housing laws. We want to place tenants who can demonstrate they’re responsible renters. We want to see a record of on-time rental payments, evidence they’ve taken care of rental homes, and a willingness to follow the terms of their lease agreements. Our rigorous screening process minimizes risk and delivers outstanding renters. 

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Once tenants are in place, we collect your rent, enforce your lease, and build a tenant relationship that leads to open communication and eventual lease renewals. Our residents know we care about and value them. Excellent communication and responsive maintenance leads to tenant retention and on-time rental payments.

Rental Property Repairs & Maintenance

An effective Moraga property management company will work hard to maintain and inspect your home and have the resources to respond to tenant needs. You want to make sure you’re earning as much as you can and spending as little as you need to. Our team at Stokley approaches maintenance with professionalism and a commitment to cost-effective repairs. We also keep careful track of your finances, providing expert rental property accounting through our innovative and comprehensive software.

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You can expect routine and preventative maintenance as well as immediate responses to emergency maintenance. Our team is here to protect the condition of your asset. We conduct annual reviews of the properties we manage, and we’re available to tenants and owners 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  

Caring for property around Moraga, including zip codes 94556, 94570, and 94575.

Property Management Services in Walnut Creek

Free Rental Analysis / Rent Range

One of the most important steps in renting out a home is pricing your property. We’re here to help you establish rental value and avoid mistakes. Homes that are overpriced will stay vacant longer, and that costs you a lot. But, pricing it too low stunts your return on investment (ROI) and leaves you chasing rent that’s lower than market rates. At Stokley Properties, we know the market and we know your home’s value. 

Let’s take a look at your home; its age, condition, size, location, and amenities. We’ll use our experience and our tools to provide a rental range you can trust.

Competitive Pricing For Property Management in Moraga

Choose the Best Price For You

Silver Program Leasing Only | Flat Fee 8% of One Year's Rent
Gold Program Leasing: Fee of 50% of One Month's Rent or $1,500. Whichever is Higher | Property Management: Fee of 6.9% of Monthy Rent
Platinum Program Unlimited Leasing and Placement | One-Time Fee 9.9% of First Year's Rent | Property Management: Fee of 9.9% of Monthly Rent
Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Leasing, and Placement. Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Placement, and Property Management. No Future Fee for Leasing and Placement | Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Leasing, and Placement.
Marketing the Property
Rent Assessment
Finding Tenants
Tenant Screening
Full Legal Compliance
Property Maintenance
On-Time Rent Collection
Eviction Process Handling
Property Accounting & Reporting
Monthly & Year-End Owner Statements
Owner & Tenant Portals
*There is no management fee charge during vacancies.
* Fee depends on size, monthly income and size of portfolio

Work with Stokley Properties

When you’re comparing Moraga property management companies, remember that services are just as important as fees. If you pay a really low property management cost, you may be losing more money than you realize. Measure the management fees against the management services, and make sure you understand what you’re paying for and what might be extra.

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What People Are Saying About Our Contra Costa Property Management

4.9 /5
264 Reviews

Jun 6, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Kris
Always an easy straightforward process. Highly recommend for managing your property.
May 8, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Maria
I never experienced difficulty in reaching out for help when it comes to maintenance and other issues.
Apr 12, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Christopher
I recently submitted a maintenance request over the weekend and was surprised to get a response within 2 hours. We even had a technician come out the very next day which was a Sunday to fix the issue. Hats off to Stokley for coming so quick to the rescue! Keep up the good work.
Apr 3, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Ruth
As an owner of rental property on the opposite coast, it’s great to work with such a professional team.
Feb 11, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Juan
Everything about this company is amazing! They are a company I feel I can really trust. They have gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and they communicate so well. Sophia in particular has been incredible at communicating quickly and amazingly. The company has great values, they hold their tenants in very high regard. Would recommend to anyone!

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If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Stokley Properties, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.


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