Danville Property Management Services

Smart real estate investors know that owning rental property can be a lucrative and rewarding investment. However, to do it well, there are dozens of details to think about before you can start collecting some passive income and feel like you’re making money. Those details can make or break a detail, especially when it comes to how your property is managed. At Stokley Properties, we happen to be great at managing details. When you partner with us, you can look forward to a less stressful and more profitable investment experience.

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The talented team at Stokley Properties will expertly market your property and find high quality tenants. Our goal is to reduce your vacancy time and protect the condition of your Danville rental home. We are the local experts when it comes to pricing, marketing, and managing. We can help you prepare your property for the market and keep it in excellent condition during the tenancy.

Let us help you earn more money faster.

Danville Property Management Services

Leasing and Advertising your Danville Rental Property

You’ll see your professional and detailed listing on our website, and we’ll share that listing with more than 200 of the most popular rental sites online. This is the fastest way to reach the best tenants, so the majority of our advertising is done online.

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We also include your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to maximize the number of potential tenants we reach. We want to attract great tenants, get them into your property, and then walk them through the application and screening process.

We know you’re waiting to start collecting rent, and we do our best to limit your vacancy time and find you the best possible resident.

Danville Tenant Screening Practices

Our screening process is precise. We have high standards because we believe in protecting your property and your rental income. The applications we use are thorough and designed to give us a detailed look at the people who want to rent your home.

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We follow all fair housing laws, and we’re consistent and fair. Every application is measured against our set of standards. We look for highly qualified tenants who pay rent on time, take care of the property, and stay in place for longer than a year. We want to develop relationships with good tenants who will treat the property like it’s their own.

You can expect us to look at credit history, eviction history, criminal backgrounds, and rental history. The result is a good tenant who we believe will perform well and follow the lease terms. Our turnover rates are lower than average and we rarely have to evict.

With your tenant approved and accepted, we’ll collect the move-in funds, go over the lease in detail, and conduct a move-in inspection to document the condition of your property. We’ll establish a positive and respectful relationship with your tenant to ensure we work well together throughout the tenancy.

Leasing throughout Danville, including neighborhoods like Bollinger Hills, Canyon Lakes, Canyon Hills, Canyon Lakes South.

Maintaining Danville Rental Homes

Stokley Properties is a full-service Danville property management company, so we’ll do a little more than place a tenant and collect the rent. In fact, we’ll do a lot more than that.

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We’ll take care of all routine and emergency maintenance, which is a huge part of protecting the condition of your investment. Are vendors are the best in the business, and we’re available to respond to the needs of your tenants and your property 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We’re transparent about all the maintenance requests that are made and how we respond to them. We want your tenants to know that we care about their needs, and we’re determined to help your asset increase in value.

All of your maintenance invoices and reports can be found online, through your owner portal. You can also check out accounting reports and download statements. You’ll always know the income and expenses associated with your property. We conduct inspections, manage tenant relationships, and keep you and your property compliant with all of California’s ever-changing rental laws.

We maintain your investment properties in and around Danville, including zip code 94582.

Property Management Services in Walnut Creek

Free Rental Analysis / Rent Range

Pricing your rental property correctly is a big part of optimizing your cash flow and maximizing your ROI. We’re here to help you avoid common pricing mistakes. Overpriced homes will be vacant longer, and that costs you a lot. But, prices that are too low will surely damage your ROI, and leaving you to chase rent that’s lower than market rates. At Stokley Properties, we know the market and we know your home’s value.

Let’s take a look at your home; its age, condition, size, location, and amenities. We’ll use our experience and our tools to provide a rental range you can trust.

Competitive Pricing For Property Management in Danville!

Choose the Best Price For You

Silver Program

Leasing Only | Flat Fee 8% of One Year's Rent

Gold Program

Leasing: Fee of 50% of One Month's Rent or $1,500. Whichever is Higher | Property Management: Fee of 6.9% of Monthy Rent

Platinum Program

Unlimited Leasing and Placement | One-Time Fee 9.9% of First Year's Rent | Property Management: Fee of 9.9% of Monthly Rent
Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Leasing, and Placement. Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Placement, and Property Management. No Future Fee for Leasing and Placement | Includes Advertising, Marketing, Screening, Leasing, and Placement.
Marketing the Property
Rent Assessment
Finding Tenants
Tenant Screening
Full Legal Compliance
Property Maintenance
On-Time Rent Collection
Eviction Process Handling
Property Accounting & Reporting
Monthly & Year-End Owner Statements
Owner & Tenant Portals
*There is no management fee charge during vacancies.
* Fee depends on size, monthly income and size of portfolio

Work with Stokley Properties

When you’re comparing Danville property management companies, remember that services are just as important as fees. If you pay a really low property management cost, you may be losing more money than you realize. Measure the management fees against the management services, and make sure you understand what you’re paying for and what might be extra.

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What People Are Saying About Our Contra Costa Property Management

4.9 /5
261 Reviews

Feb 11, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Juan
Everything about this company is amazing! They are a company I feel I can really trust. They have gone above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and they communicate so well. Sophia in particular has been incredible at communicating quickly and amazingly. The company has great values, they hold their tenants in very high regard. Would recommend to anyone!
Jan 20, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Vicky
I highly recommend Stokley Properties. I rent out a house and live very far away and they take great care of the property and also provide personalized service to me and my tenants. When things break or there are problems, they have been quick to respond. I am glad to have my property cared for by a small company with a heart.
Jan 14, 2020
Google Stokley Properties Slav
Love their online maintenance request option.
Dec 30, 2019
Google Stokley Properties B
Stokley Properties is knowledgeable in the industry. When you need help in renting, leasing or selling property, they have a pulse on how market areas are performing, upcoming trends, and will help you price your property appropriately for quick turn around. The office staff are super supportive, highly responsive, and professional. There’s no other Property Management company like Stokley Properties who does it all. You will find no other company that has the amount of passion that Stokley Properties has. They genuinely care about their clients. Joe and Sheila are active in the Contra Costa county and consistently give back to the communities.
Dec 30, 2019
Google Stokley Properties Alex
Mostly all property managers are good but here is how Stokley property distinguishes itself from its competitors. 1. They a system set in place for a dedicated person to monitor your property. They have a team of Professionals they’re only duty is to make sure the property is 100% on point. 2. They have quality contractors that they worked with for several years. They compensate their contractors for the work completed within a one week. Because of this most contractors give them a discount for not having to wait 30 days like other property managers. 3. They have a very low to no turnover rate I’ve dealt with other property managers I’ve had to start over new projects because of the turnover that they have

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If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Stokley Properties, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.


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