Real estate agents and property managers need to work well together to give their clients the best results. Today, we are talking to Pete Paredero who is a Realtor from the Dudum Real Estate Group. We’re discussing how we can best benefit our clients: the property management client and the real estate client. Whether you’re purchasing your first or your second or third property, we have a relationship that meets your needs.

Starting with a Real Estate Agent

When people are looking for an investment home, they start with a real estate agent. Investors who are first time investors or have multiple properties contact us to talk about the market and the potential returns. We also talk about needing a good CPA on board and a good property manager. When someone new comes to a real estate agent like me, I tell them they need to put their team together. For most of the investors we work with, there’s no one more important than their property manager. So I get them to talk to a property manager early in the process. Someone who is a first time investor needs to have a good experience doing this because we want them to keep buying properties and do well.

The Role of a Property Manager

Realtors can get investors started on all the things it will take to be a profitable and successful investor. In turn, as property managers, we talk about our services and we prep the property, lease the property, collect rent, and manage things on a day to day basis. The agreement I have with Realtors like Pete is if you refer a client to Stokley Properties, that’s your client. When the day comes in a year or five years that the client is ready to sell the property, I can’t force that person to use the same Realtor to sell, but I’ll let you know right away what the client is thinking. You will never see a Stokley Properties sign in front of a property that you refer to us.

Combining Professional Services

Working together allows us to add value to our client. If someone is interested in listing a home, or is trying to decide whether to rent or sell a property, the conversation is on what’s best for the Benefits of Having a Real Estate Agent and Walnut Creek Property Management Partnership to Best Serve Investors and Landlordsclient. Renting and selling will be different for everyone. We want you to be successful. As property managers, we tell clients not to sell if you don’t have to. But, sometimes you have to do it because you need the money. As your property manager and your Realtor, we are here to help you with questions about buying, selling, and renting.  

Please contact us at Stokley Properties if you’d like to talk more about how a great relationship between your property manager and your real estate agent can make you more successful.