Today we are talking about maintenance procedures and the importance of being available any time a tenant reports a problem at the property. We serve owners and investors in the Contra Costa area, and part of that service is taking care of any routine maintenance issues as well as emergency repairs.

At Stokley Properties, we have a 24/7 operation. This means that someone is available to our tenants and our property owner 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes holidays. When a maintenance request comes in during normal business hours, we have property managers and contractors on hand to take care of the request or schedule the necessary work. When maintenance calls are received after hours or over the weekend or during a holiday, we are still available to answer every call. There will be no need to leave a message or wait for someone to get back to you. Every call is answered. Our staff members will work with the tenant over the phone to try and resolve whatever issue needs attention at the property. We do our best to save our property owners money, and if there’s a minor problem that can be taken care of without the work of a handyman or a contractor, we want to make sure we troubleshoot. Our first line of defense is to try and do what we can with the tenant on the phone.

If the problem requires someone to visit the property, we have maintenance personnel on call 24 hours a day to take care of these problems. This might be necessary for flooding or when the heat or air conditioning stops working. If there is a true emergency, we tell our tenants to call 911 right away, and we make sure to get out there and assist with any catastrophic that might be going on. It’s important to maintain a habitable residence for the tenants, and if there is a habitability issue, it needs to be resolved immediately.

We will always contact our owners right away when an emergency occurs. We think it’s important to keep you informed about what’s going on at your property, and we are always ready to discuss the most appropriate course of action.

If you have any questions about maintenance procedures or what we can do to help you keep your property in great shape, please contact us at Stokley Properties.