Screening Criteria and Fee Disclosure


Each adult 18 and over must complete a separate online application. It is in your best interest to read and fully understand our rental criteria to ensure that you meet the rental requirements before applying.

NOTE: If you are a group, we will not begin the screening process until all online applications for the group have been submitted.

Stokley Properties is committed to conducting business in accordance with Federal and California Fair Housing laws. Each occupant 18 and over must complete an online application and pay the $50.00 application fee. Our screening process looks at a combination of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Credit History
  • Employment Verification and History
  • Income Verification
  • Rental Verification and History
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Animal Criteria


Each applicant is required to provide a copy of a legible government issued photo identification card.

Income & Employment Verification

Income is verified through various documents including pay stubs, bank statements, earnings statements, tax returns, etc. Self-employed applicants are required to submit at least 2 years of tax returns and 3 recent months of business bank statements. Your employment history should reflect at least 6 months with your current employer. Transfers or relocations must have correspondence showing an accepted job offer. Any verification fees required by the employer must be paid by applicant.

Rental Verification & History

We require verifiable residence history for at least 2 years. Applicants are responsible for providing information including the names, addresses, and phone numbers of landlords with the dates of tenancy for the previous 2 years. Applicants should also notify their previous landlords and advise them that a rental verification will be made. Home ownership will be verified from a current credit report and MLS reports. Any evictions and bankruptcy in your rental history will severely lower your chances of being approved. All extenuating circumstances will be considered and may lead to a maximum security deposit and additional charges.

Credit History

We will obtain a copy of your screening report and FICO score from AppFolio, Inc. and Experian. You cannot provide your own report, we are required to obtain this information ourselves. Favorable credit histories and scores will give you a higher chance of being approved.

Multiple Applicants in Group

All applicants will be screened and given consideration as an overall group. If applicants with strong credit profiles apply with weaker applicants, we consider the whole group and base our decisions on a combination of factors. One strong credit profile in the group does not automatically guarantee an approval.

Errors & Omissions

Every effort is made to provide you with reliable and accurate information regarding the home you are applying for. However, changes can and do happen to cause inaccurate information to be accidentally presented. We encourage all residents to verify schools, allowable pets, expected features, or any HOA concerns prior to signing a lease agreement. Any information posted in our printed and online advertisement does not constitute a written agreement or guarantee of the facts stated.

All residents are required by the owner(s) of their property and their lease to carry property damage liability coverage. To provide the required liability coverage and to keep the cost low, Stokley Properties has included coverage in our Resident Benefit Program. This program fulfills the renter’s property damage liability requirement because it is included in the Benefit Program which protects residents and landlords from negligence acts. Residents receive the benefits of the coverage without additional applications, credit checks, or billing. The residents will be billed $35 monthly for the following coverage and benefits.

The coverage protection is held under Stokley Properties Master Policy and applies to each home under management.

If there are more than 4 adults (18 or over), 2 Benefits Packages will be included for a total of $70.00 a month due to policy requirements.

Coverage and Benefits:
Liability limits – $100,000
Personal contents – $10,000
Medical expenses – $3,000
Additional living expenses – $3,000
Deductible – $500.00

Additional Benefits to the Program:

1) Move-In Inspection Report. Full-Color Pictures and descriptions of the condition of the property for your use are stored on your online tenant portal.

2) Free Utility Set Up Concierge Service-Free VIP assistance for fast set-up of utilities, internet, and cable with just one phone call. Absolutely no strings attached, just a free setup of your new utilities. Contact information is included in your lease. If your application is approved, Citizen Home Solutions will contact you to assist with setting up your water, gas, electricity, internet, cable/satellite TV and security monitoring. By submitting your application, you hereby agree that Citizen Home Solutions may contact you via email, text and or phone call.

3) Credit Building Benefit. Receive the benefit of positive credit reporting. Your on-time rent payments are reported to Experian Rent Bureau which helps build your credit rating.

4) Online and Phone App Access to your Tenant Portal for Maintenance, Payments, and Paperless Statements. Tenants have an Online Tenant Portal to submit maintenance requests, pay rent online via credit card or e-check, and have access to documents such as lease, color move-in report, statements, and payment receipts.

5) No fees when rent is paid online with e-check through the Tenant Portal or when submitting a paper check.

6) 24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.

7) One-Time Late Fee Forgiveness Each Year. Each Year you will be granted a one-time waiver of your Late Fee for a late rent payment. A $100.00 savings.

8) One-Time NSF Fee Forgiveness Each Year. Each Year you will be granted a one-time waiver of your NSF Fee for a returned payment. A $35.00 savings.

9) Home Buying Expertise. Your Property Manager is a licensed real estate agent and is happy to work with you on your home-buying plans. When you start planning a purchase, please let your manager know. We want to help you, get pre-qualified, and work with you on your move out, and move up.
Free Lockbox Move-In Process. Go directly to your new home to move in. No need to come to our office, making this a touchless process for you.

10) Vetted Vendor Network. A vetted network ensures that vendors who service your residence are screened to high standards for insurance, licensing, and professionalism on the job before they service your home.

Notice: All Residents are required to participate in the Resident Benefit Program as a condition of their lease. Residents are free to carry any additional coverage or insurance in addition to the Resident Benefit Program. Or if they so choose, can obtain a policy from a separate insurance provider approved for use. Please inquire with the property manager to learn more.

Animal policies vary from one homeowner to another. Some owners do not permit animals, while others restrict type and/or size of allowable animals. No more than two animals per household are permitted without specific owner’s approval.
Most property insurance companies do not allow certain breeds of dogs, either purebred or mixed. Therefore, dogs fully or partially of the following breeds will be rejected: Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and any combination of these. Residents may be evicted for misrepresenting any of the above type of dog, as well as for being in possession of any poisonous, dangerous, endangered species or otherwise unauthorized animal. Our animal policies are strictly enforced and may be grounds for eviction. Special consideration is given to “Service Animals” that assist a resident with special medical needs (proper and current documentation needed for verification). We require, with your application, a picture of each animal that will be on the property and an approved screening of your animal(s) through

Standard Animal Fees and Deposits
$75 Animal Administration & Acceptance Fee per approved animal due upon lease signing in addition to any fees.
25% of rent per animal as Pet Security Deposit per approved animal due upon lease signing.


Lease Preparation – $75

Applicants will receive their lease electronically and be required to sign electronically. A $75 fee is charged for lease preparation. This covers the costs associated with preparing the legal documents, acquiring the signatures, and collecting the move-in funds. This fee is also charged upon lease renewal.

Annual Interior Walk-Throughs

Stokley Properties conducts annual walk-throughs of the home you lease. We take pictures of the interior and exterior of the home and we share these pictures with the homeowner. It is understood and accepted by all applicants and residents that this is a standard procedure for all homes we manage.

Late Rent Zero Tolerance

Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. If rent is not received by midnight on the 5th day of the month it is considered late and a fee is charged from $100 and up. We encourage our residents to pay rent via our online payment system for the most secure and traceable method of payment.


  • $50.00 Application Fee per adult is NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Your application can be canceled or delayed, WITHOUT A REFUND, for failing to abide by the rental criteria, guidelines, and terms stated in this disclosure and the application pages
  • FICO scores of less than 650 may not qualify
  • A fee of $75 is charged for lease preparation
  • There is NO SMOKING allowed inside the home or garage
  • All occupants must be disclosed on the application regardless of age
  • All animals must be disclosed on the application
  • A fee of $75 is charged per approved animal
  • Residents are required to participate in the Resident Benefit Program as a condition of their lease. The fee is $30 per month. Residents are free to carry any additional coverage or insurance in addition to the Resident Benefit Program.

Maintenance Request & Emergency Support

If you find yourself in an emergency situation please call 911 immediately.

For all issues regarding property maintenance requests please use your Tenant Portal to submit a non-emergency maintenance request.

For emergency property needs 24/7 please call our maintenance team at:
(925) 658-1415 ext. 1 and a live operator will answer your call to help you.



Application Disqualification

  • False information on the application
  • Incomplete or unsigned application, the signature box must be signed on application
  • Unacceptable credit history
  • History which includes sales or manufacture of controlled substance or eviction or evidence of unacceptable rental history
  • Hostile, aggressive behavior or language or actions

All fields must be completed. If all information is not filled in, we will not process the application.